Coco Austin Plastic surgery Before and After Pictures

It is a well-known fact that many of the cine artists and musicians undergo plastic surgery to look as they wish. Of course, anyone can have plastic surgery now. But how you seize the attention is totally different. Some plastic surgeries are performed to core perfection that you cannot differentiate whether it is artificial or natural. There are also cases where it is so abrupt that the change is artificial and people like it too. It is up to you and you have to make up your decision if you wish to. Here is another celebrity who has been alleged to have plastic surgery to alter her body measurements. Nicole Natalie Marrow, popularly known as Coco Austin is the recent victim of the plastic surgery claim. Today’s hot topic is Coco Austin Plastic surgery.

Coco Austin is an American actress, dancer, glamour model and web personality. She has been active in the social media thus having a close attention of her fans and people. The blonde hair beauty star is well known for her body modeling, swim suites advertisements and her photo can be seen widely on the year calendars, catalogs, and various videos as well on the television channels. Coco Austin became very famous when she got married to rapper Ice T in 2002. They are believed to be one of the strongest couples in Hollywood.

Coco Austin Plastic surgery Before and After Pictures

coco austin plastic surgery

Coco Austin Plastic surgery

As usual one of the easiest way to observe the change in a person, comparing the pictures of the actress over the years. It is certain that the actress had much of the changes in her body after her marriage. If you compare her older photos and the present look, you will go awww!! Her breast size and butt size has increased radically thus attracting a lot of fans. Her photos in bikini and beach suits have gone viral in the social media. Well, after having such a change, she was asked about the drastic change in her breast size and butt size and there were also questions regarding plastic surgery too.

The actress came with a stiff reply in one of the episodes of the show Ice & Coco. In this show, a famous plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Jhonson was specially invited to check on Coco’s butt. After his inspection, he concluded that there was not an implant there in her butt. He certified that her butt is real and natural. But many of the fans still believe that the increase in butt size is due to plastic surgery. She was also alleged to have breast implants. There was no doubt that her breasts appear so artificial. She did not neglect this question though, she said that she had breast implants when she was just 18 years old. But she added that she had not done any surgeries then which is hard to believe though. We believe that her change is totally artificial, which cannot be a fact unless she accepts it.

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