Nasim Pedrad Plastic Surgery, Body Measurements, Before and After Pics

Nasim Pedrad was born on November 18, 1981, in Tehran Iran. Her parents are Aresteh Amani and Parviz Pedrad. She was raised in Iran for 3 years and the family emigrated to the United States of America in the year 1984. They lived in Irvine, California. Nasim Pedrad has a younger sister named Nina Pedrad. She is a comedy writer. Both sisters are fluent in Persian. They managed to graduate from University High School. After school, Nasim Pedrad pursued her studies in college. She graduated from UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television in the year 2003. She was also a member of University Spring Sing Company.

Nasim Pedrad is well known as a cast member of a TV Show “Saturday Night” in which she appeared successfully for five seasons. (2009 – 2014). But her first appearance on TV was on a show called ‘Gilmore Girls’. And later she made a cameo appearance on the show “The Winner”. Nasim Pedrad won many awards and nominations. She won the LA Weekly Best Comedic Performance of The Year for her role in After School Special.

Nasim Pedrad Body Measurements

Height: 5’4 feet

Weight: 123 lbs

Bra Size: 32B

Cup size: B

Shoe size: 7 (US)

Dress size: 4 (US)

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Hair color: Blonde

Eye Colour: Brown

Nasim Pedrad Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

nasim pedrad plastic surgery

Nasim Pedrad Plastic Surgery

Nasim Pedrad Facelift

Nasim Pedrad is a beautiful woman and no one can deny it. She has so many fans in America and also from rest of the world. She is a Middle-Eastern woman who found her fortune in America. She has a natural beauty. But to pace her with this fast moving world and being in an industry that demands continuous changes she has to improve her in all possible ways. One such thing is looking better. When trying to look better the first thought that comes to mind is Makeup and the second thought is Plastic Surgery. And this is how Nasim Pedrad went for plastic surgery. Her eyebrows and cheeks were not as good as they look now. This is due to medical surgery called Facelift. It is commonly used to reshape the appearance of the face. Now we can see her eyebrows are more arched and her cheeks look waxy and tight.

Nasim Pedrad Nose job

Nasim Pedrad nose can be said as one of her notable face parts. It is somewhat different and easily catchable for eyes. But one thing we all know is she went for the nose job. Definitely, there is some kind of knife work that made her nose special. A nose job is changing and reshaping nose in the desired way. They are so notable features of a face. A wrong decision can have a serious effect on overall facial appearance. So it is a something which should not be taken lightly. But in the case of Nasim Pedrad, no such complications exist. The surgery was a success.

Nasim Pedrad Botox injections

Ever felt why Nasim Pedrad’s skin is so smooth and waxy. It is due to botox. Botox injections become more common these days. Even Small level celebrities are using these injections. The use of Botox injections has been increased so much in the last five years. Botox keeps the skin free from wrinkles and allows us to have a smooth waxy face.

Nasim Pedrad Lip surgery

People have been talking lately about Nasim Pedrad Lip surgery. They say it is different from her first appearance on TV. But clearly, it is just a rumor. She never went for any kind of plastic surgery on her lips. They are completely normal. Aging can be the reason for the change in her lips. But there are no much differences we can see.

Nasim Pedrad is an amazing woman. Her humor sense and the charisma she brings on the Television never changes. She still has more time to go in the celebrity life. Though she had some minor plastic surgeries, she looks awesome. People are spreading some rumors too. But not all of them are true.

That’s all about Nasim Pedrad Plastic Surgery. Hope you enjoyed this article.

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