Paul Simon plastic surgery, before and after pictures

Plastic Surgery, the word has been going around widely among the teens, fans, and on News too nowadays. Actually, how did it began? what caused it? will surprise you. The main cause of the invention of plastic surgery dates back to World War, where the surgeons were forced to innovate something new to cure the scars of the injured. It was then the plastic surgery was invented. But, it has come for the commercial purpose now. Anyone could have plastic surgery now. It wasn’t this popular decades back. But with the improvement in surgery procedures, they can afford to do it for everyone. Thus the innovation of plastic surgery served the cause to cure scars and other such injuries, but now it is used to enhance the facial appearance, to look young and many such cases. We have seen a lot of people and celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery. Age is not a barrier to have plastic surgery, anyone from any age can have plastic surgery now. The person who went under the knife in here is Paul Simon. Now we will see Paul Simon plastic surgery in detail.

Paul Simon, the famous American singer-songwriter is the person who we are going to discuss here and has been rumoured to have gone under the knife. The 76 years old American singer-songwriter, has been in the field for seven decades, enjoying the fruits of success. His songs, The Sound of SilenceBridge over troubled water will be remembered for decades. He is one among the Top 100 people who shaped the Earth, awarded by Time. Rolling Stone awarded him as one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time. They also awarded him with one of the 100 Greatest songwriters of all times. In 1986, he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music.

Paul Simon plastic surgery before and after pics

paul simon plastic surgery

Paul Simon plastic surgery

This legend is the recent victim of the plastic surgery rumors. His unusual looks have caught the attention of his fans, who believe that he might have undergone plastic surgery treatment.Well, let’s see if he had done it or not. Paul Simon himself has not admitted any plastic surgery allegations. But, from his looks, we can find that he has undergone plastic surgery for sure. But what procedures has he undergone is the question. Observing his look over years, it is believed that he might have received facelift, eyelift, and Botox injection. In his case, it appears that the plastic surgery procedure has gone wrong, because his face skin appears hard and frozen.

The facelift he has done does not suit him well. It is believed that he has undergone an excessive facelift that causing him a different look totally. With his age increasing he might have felt better to take facelift procedure, and he also takes Botox injection to retain his look. But in his case, nothing helped him to improve his appearance, thus causing a different look.

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