Wendy Williams Plastic surgery,Body measurements,Before and After Pics

As we know that the fashion has been a most top trend all over the world, as the fashion designers tend to work on different attires and mainly designing for all the actors and actresses who promote their work. You guys can check some stuff like those in many events such as for any movie premiere or for an Oscar etc. The news feed usually ends up by showing these stuff and while I was browsing I noticed a person who is both a fashion designer and also as a host. I’m pretty sure that she is a multi-talented person. And yeah I’m talking about the great Wendy Williams, who is a host of her own show called The Wendy Williams Show. In this article, we will discuss about Wendy Williams Plastic surgery.


Wendy Joan Williams- Hunter (born as Wendy Joan Williams ) is an American television host, author, actress, and as I said earlier she is also a fashion designer, a former radio personality, and a comedian too. She has hosted the show called The Wendy Williams Show since 2008 which was a nationally syndicated television talk show.

She was born on July 18, 1964, in Ocean Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey, U. S. Apart from being a host, Wendy was a radio DJ and host so she quickly became to know as “Shock Jockette” on New York. Wendy obtained fame for her on-air fuss with celebrities and also featured in VH1 reality series The Wendy Williams Experience.

She even has some nicknames such as The Queen Of All-Media and The Queen of Radio. Her debut in radio career was in 1989. She began her career working for WVIS (Now WEPN-FM) in New York City

We all just know that Wendy is a host or a radio DJ, but there is something unique in her i.e., her passion to write. Her writings have been a New York Times best-selling autobiography and six more books and have created various product lines including a fashion line, a jewelry collection, and a wig line. The council of Asbury Park renamed the street on which she grew up to Wendy Williams Way on her 50th Birthday (isn’t it cool??)

Wendy Williams Body measurements

Height : 5’11” / 180 cm

Weight : 75 kg

Eye color: Dark Brown

Hair color: Dyed Brown

Body measurements : 41-30-40 in ( 104-76-102 cm)

Dress size: 12

Feet / Shoe : 11

Bra size: 34FF

Cup size: FF

Wendy Williams Plastic surgery Before and After Pics

wendy williams measurements

Wendy Williams Plastic surgery

Breast Implants

In both Wendy’s television show and her radio show, she talks about celebrity gossip and also conducts interviews. After her attention towards the rumors, she admitted that she had breast augmentation and implants surgery to boost her bra size and she also went to a tummy tuck to eliminate some excess fat in her stomach.

She underwent breast augmentation in 2009 and then she had another breast implant surgery after she had given birth to her son. But you can find the tattoos on her stomach which made a suspect that it was a disguise her tummy tuck scars.


Wendy also underwent a liposuction which can be clearly seen in her before and after pictures. She wanted to look young and so she went to liposuction. By looking at her images of before and after plastic surgery, I can infer that she has not only undergone breast augmentation and liposuction but also facelifts, cheek jobs, nose jobs, and even took botox injection


If we want to see the signs of her facelift, combined with Botox injection, it can be seen from her facial skin appearance which looks tight, smooth and of course free from wrinkles.

Nose job and cheek job

Apart from a facelift, her nose job can be spotted through her nose shape, which has became bit slimmer and reshaped at the tip. Let’s come to cheeks, which by the way also looks higher, which indicates that she possibly has cheek implants as well.

Turns out in her childhood, when she was growing up as a chubby child and has tried all the diet plans. Now she relieved that she has lost 50 pounds over a period of 3 years by having self-control. The self-control has the great power to overcome and to achieve the goal. She also said that she stopped eating meat and started doing cardio workouts.

Really she is a true inspiration for fitness. She also stresses out that “It’s not going to happen overnight. Slow and steady is the secret behind her weight loss”.

Well, in short, We can conclude that Wendy Williams plastic surgery rumors are true. We can at least appreciate her bravery when she admitted to all her surgical procedures. I hope you enjoyed this article. Share your point of view as comments.

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